With excellent customer support 24/7/365 and over 200 technicians across the continental U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, Pecan Grove Solutions’ skilled professionals are ready to meet your needs. Whether indoor or outdoor, retail or residential, contact us to learn more about our specialized services and products.


Our team of specially trained installation experts are ready to install equipment produced by major aquatic and husbandry equipment manufacturers. Our strong partnerships allow us to work directly with the manufacturers for onsite support. Paired with our local technicians, this translates into time and cost savings for our customers.

As an added benefit, our technicians are uniquely trained to provide service and maintenance on your new equipment once the installation is complete.


Pecan Grove understands your equipment and systems may be some of the largest business investments you make, and proper operation is of the utmost importance. By partnering with us, you will receive unparalleled support from our knowledgeable customer service team and onsite technical service. With regular visits and maintenance tailored to your specific needs, we will ensure your equipment operates properly and efficiently.


Eventually, something unplanned will happen.  Pumps and heaters will get old and stop working.  Piping will get broken.  Electronic switches and lights will fail.

Pecan Grove Solutions stocks those crucial items, and has short lead times for non-critical items, that allow our technicians to repair your equipment in a timely fashion.


Sometimes equipment just doesn’t operate like it was intended. This may be no fault of the manufacturer, but may simply be the result of the installation/operational environment differing from the design environment.

We can work with you and the manufacturer to develop long-term adaptable solutions that maintain the integrity and design intent of the equipment.

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